OpenCart Mobile App Development – DIY

OpenCart Mobile App Development – DIY

OpenCart Mobile App Development: 8 Reasons To Get An App For Your OpenCart Store

More shoppers are getting on the mobile movement. If you’re not marketing to these guys, you’re losing out. And here’s the thing, OpenCart mobile app development is such a straightforward process. With the new API system introduced, your OpenCart store would integrate easily with tons of third party applications. Do you want to know why you should get an app? Let’s jump in.

Opencart mobile app

1. Shoppers Prefer Mobile Apps To Mobile Browsers

Mobile browsers come with a lot of problems. Some browsers just can’t implement your store’s API. And then what happens? Some of your web pages would stop responding. Trust me, when you’re dealing with buyers with very little attention spans, you don’t want that. But that’s not the case with these apps. Your visitors won’t have to log in each time they want to browse your site, see what’s new or even checkout. You can also have provisions where they can make their searches while being offline.

2. Mobile Apps Make Payments Faster And More Secure

Nobody wants his credit card details on a phony site. And every buyer wants everything done in a few clicks. I mean, it saves everyone’s time. That’s what getting an app for your OpenCart store does. Your customers can trust you with their pins, and you can make shopping a breeze.

3. You Can Give Buyers A Great User Experience

There’s one revenue trick that’s been around for ages, but most stores aren’t using it. Here’s it- It’s cheaper to retain an existing customer than winning a new one. That’s because existing customers would buy as long as you keep them happy. How do you do that? By having control over the user experience. It’s difficult doing this on your website. Most apps come embedded with GPS systems, so you can always notify shoppers when there are new offers around their area. Believe me, depending on how you tweak yours, your customers might think you’re by their side all day long.

4. They Help You Go Social

Everyone’s hanging out on social media these days. If you want to improve your store’s conversions (and who doesn’t?), you should be out there too. Mobile apps come with social sharing buttons for tons of sites. And no, it doesn’t take too much work, you’d be out there with just one click.

5. App Integrations Are Customizable

Now here is OpenCart mobile app development platform for you. Many businesses don’t want to get an app for their store because they’ll experience compatibility issues. Not with OpenCart though. The new API systems provide the interface for a smooth store and app relationship. And you can customize the hell out if it! Seriously, no one knows what’s good for your store as much as you do. So, don’t be afraid to make the changes you’ve always wanted.

6. You Can Track Everything

How many people are buying your products in a day? How many are men? How many are women? What’s the age range you should be looking at? You should be tracking all of these. Sorry, it’s hardly going to happen on your website where everyone bounces off when they’re done. Your OpenCart mobile app would come with an analytics center for you. Here you can get all these details. And even more in-depth ones like what cities your customers are from, what’s their buying pattern, how many people are they referring. That’s a good deal if you ask me.

7. Branding

Everyone and their grandma can put up a website. It usually takes just a few clicks. But only those who mean business are on the app movement. Don’t believe me, go to all the app stores you know and search for your popular brands. Ten times out of ten, they have an app for you. It helps build brand loyalty. You’re making customers know you care so much about them, and they’d reward you by showing you off to their friends.

8. You Get A Better Complaints Management Framework

You’re going to get complaints. It wouldn’t all be your fault, but you’d get them. You need to efficiently manage these complaints. That’s why you need an app. It’s so easy to resolve issues and even integrate a feedback mechanism. You don’t want to get a repeat customer angry.

You can’t go wrong with OpenCart mobile app development. There’s no need procrastinating. You need an app for your OpenCart store!

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