Welcome to Clandestine aka Zeki-Love.Net, a network and shrine dedicated to the relationship between Zero and Yuuki from Vampire Knight. I’m hoping to provide you with detailed information about these two, as well as bring you some goodies in the media. This shrine is full of spoilers, so watch your step!

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Hey everyone! Sorry for the lack of updates on this website. I have been suffering with chronic illness and couldn’t keep up with most my sites for the longest time. First thing firt, this is no longer the Zero and Yuuki fanlisting. Dorothy now has a beautiful fanlisting for these too, so be sure to go join over there – A Tie Called Eternity. She is also taking the member list here and adding it to hers so be sure to change your links. I’m making changed to the website and it’s look so please excuse any weird bugs or ugly spots. I’m going to be working on finishing some of the information pages soon, now that the series has been over for a while and Hino have finished her last extra chapter. BTW, Zeki is SSSOOOO canon! Woot!

Ongaku – March 2, 2016